Our friend VIZIX shares the Project with ARDUINO R3 2560 board to assemble FCU AUTOPILOT for MSFS 2020, Xplane, Prepar3D, more information in the videos.


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Nuestro amigo VIZIX nos comparte el Proyecto con placa ARDUINO R3 2560 para montar FCU AUTOPILOT para MSFS 2020, Xplane, Prepar3D, más información en los videos.


Visita el canal de youtube @spothardware


✅Configuration and testing of the MAX7219 8-Digit Segment Digital LED Display. check out this video where you can see how to assemble this autopilot for Flight Simulator, X plane.


✅Components for the construction of the Automatic Pilot. Componentes para la construcion del Piloto Automatico.

-Microsoft Flight Simulator ✈️

-X-Plane ✈️

✅ELEGOO Mega R3 2560.

✅NS193 IP40 KD2-22 Momentary Latching ON-(ON) square LED illuminated small square push button switch.

✅NS193 IP40 KD2-22 Momentary ON-(ON)  push button switch.

✅KY-040 Rotary Encoder Brick Sensor Module Switch Development 360 Degrees.

✅MAX7219 8-Digital Segment Digital LED Display Tube for Arduino 51/AVR/STM32


✅Button Test and 360 Degree Rotary Encoder Module KY-040 Brick Sensor Development Board with Push Button for Arduino.

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